RV7 Inc is a Flying Club centered around a Van’s RV-7A aircraft based in Sarasota Florida @ KSRQ. The airplane (N617RV) finished Phase 1 flight testing in October 2023.

• IO-360 180 HP engine (50 hours SMOH)
• Hartzell 2 blade constant speed prop
• Dual Advanced Flight 6600 displays
• Avidyne IFD 440 NavCom IFR GPS
• Uavionix AV-30 backup
• Dual Axis autopilot
• Electric flaps & trim

Van’s Total Performance design means
• 500-foot takeoffs
• 50 KT stalls
• 60 degree turns
• 1500 ft/min climbs
• 160 KT cruise
• Not set up for aerobatics

The Club based on the NE corner of SRQ currently has 7 shares. The current 7 members have owned other RVs and/or built RVs and have belonged to other flying clubs. Members must have 100 hours of PIC time and a checkout in the club airplane.

2024 fees are expected to be:
• $184/month which includes all fixed items such as insurance, hangar rent, etc.
• $92/tach hour including fuel, reserves, and maintenance.

More information contact the club at https://rv7inc.com via Contact Link.

(More Pictures available from the PHOTOS page)